Cake Topper Happy Birthday Design 4


Width: 160mm  Height of lettering: 90mm   Thickness: 3mm

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How much fun is organising a birthday party to share with friends and family?

At Azara, we try to make your party organising as easy as possible by giving you 4 choices of four beautifully designed Happy Birthday cake toppers that reflect your personality and style of your party. Designed styles offered are young and fun, or stylised and elegant covering all age groups.

  • Choose the material first, then the colour before adding to check out.
  • COLOUR MATCHING HINT: If you have a colour theme for your party and we don’t offer this colour on our site, email us to see if your colour is available. You also can order a plywood topper to paint your colour choice for that perfect match or we can cut a topper in clear acrylic for you to spray paint the back of which is another suggestion to colour match your party colour theme.
  • PERSONALISED your cake topper by adding your name or special wording on your topper, just order through custom orders via CONTACT US. Please allow a week for production and postage throughout Australia.
  • All material is 3mm thick
  • Acrylic is longer lasting than plywood so you can re-use if stored with care. See colours range to add to your acrylic choice.
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 30 × 0.3 cm

Plywood, Acrylic, Gold Mirror


Natural Plywood, Gold Mirror, White, Purple, Pink


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