Hello! I’m Tori Triffitt, founder of Azara Collection. I’m also the lead designer.
I am very fortunate to have a successful 40-year graphic-design career behind me including working in the advertising industry running my own agency in Sydney, then teaching graphic design for a private college in Sydney and Brisbane both face to face and online for 16 years.
Now I'm combining my past valued experience in research, design and teaching skills to offer you a unique product you will love for many years to come. The real plus for me is I now have fun with developing to create laser-cut works of art and teach others how to do this skill. Plus plus for me.
If you are wondering what laser cutting is all about - please read on!

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a very popular craft today. To have the edge at making products from the laser cutter, it is a huge advantage to have a creatively trained mind to be able to produce products that have a need in the market place. It is also an advantage to have computer drawing software skills.

Laser cutting, as the name may suggest, is the process of cutting material using a laser beam. This can be done to either trim down material or to help cut it into complex shapes that more conventional drills would struggle with.
This laser process also has the ability to engrave for that unique brand of a company or the wedding couple’s name for example, on the product been developed for that special occasion.

A vast range of materials and thickness sizes can be cut using laser cutting, making it a handy and adaptable process.

What is the laser cutting process?

The laser cutting process works by having a focused and precise laser beam run through the material that you are looking to cut, delivering an accurate and smooth finish. Initially, the laser is used to pierce the material with a hole at the edge, and then the beam is continued along from there.

The laser being used essentially melts the material away it runs over, so is more like melting than cutting. This means that it can easily cut light materials such as cloth up to tougher metals.
You can use either a pulsed laser beam or a continuous wave laser beam, with the former being delivered in short bursts while the latter works continuously. You can control the beam intensity, length and heat output depending on the material you are working with, and can also use a mirror or special lens to further focus the laser beam.

Laser cutting is a highly accurate process, thanks to this high level of control that you are offered. Thanks to this, slits with a width as small as 0.1mm can be achieved when using the laser cutting process.

What materials can a laser machine cut and/or engrave?

A laser cutting machine is great at cutting and engraving a huge variety of materials. Engraving can be added to products for example bottles and glasses for wedding ideas or a one-off gift. Listed below are just some of the many materials, happy for you to contact us to talk through your idea :

  • Wood
  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Reflective metals
  • Glass _ engrave only
  • Acrylics and plastics
  • Silicon
  • Fabric
  • Mirror reflective material

Whatever the material you need to work with and whatever the application, it’s highly likely the laser cutting will be up for the task.

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