Modern Day Weddings

Modern Day Weddings


How to make your wedding an unforgettable experience

When you think of a wedding – what do you image?
A traditional and religious wedding, with a formal set up at a church, the bride dressed in white, a minister leading the ceremony as the guests await the wedding march.
Or something more modern with a beach wedding where waiters emerge from the ocean carrying seafood platters (this actually happened at my cousin’s wedding on Hamilton Island), or fireworks that would rival New Year’s Eve.
The best weddings that are talked about for years to come are unforgettable ones, right down to the smallest details.
Wedding trends are ever-changing and while some traditions remain the same – others are getting a complete overhaul to create an experience for wedding guests, right down to the decorations.
DID YOU KNOW: At the royal wedding of Princess Mary of England and Viscount Lascelles in February 1922, the organisers took decor a grand step further by adding ornamental silhouettes of the bride and groom.
Today, after the question is popped and the date is set, we tend to look forward to some of the most exciting parts of wedding planning like dress shopping, cake tasting, writing vows, flowers, searching for a special location, and the reception.
But don’t overlook the decorations, signage and invitations as an opportunity to tell your story.

Wedding invitations and announcements: Then and now

One of the first elements every engaged couple get started on is wedding invitations. As invitations set the tone for the wedding, it deserves a lot more thought and character rather than just throwing in the details of venue and date. We are here to challenge the notion, “It’s just a wedding invitation” – they have a lot more substance than you may think.
DID YOU KNOW: Until the 1400s, weddings were announced by the town crier. As many people couldn’t read or write, the only way was to make announcements. On the other hand, hand-crafted invitations were common among the noble class.
Soon after the 1600s, with the invention of the metal plate, wedding announcements were printed in newspapers. Thanks to lithography in the 1800s, better quality wedding invitations were soon on demand.

Do you want your wedding to be talked about for years to come?

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail” –Giorgio Armani
Your wedding deserves timeless, elegant and breathtaking decorations that showcase your style – and this includes wedding invitations, signage, cake toppers and table decorations. Upgrading every detail and adding surprise elements, like souvenirs and other accessories, will give your wedding event fun and unique vibe. While e-vites have taken the world by a storm in the past, laser-cut invitations are now the new black.
The very thought of beautifully crafted, laser-cut invites awakens the crafty designers in us!