6 ways you can be more Productive in your Life

Celebrating World Productivity Day – 20 June


Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka

What does productivity mean to you?

For some, it may be about getting a lot of work done in record time, for others it could mean improving the quality work. The meaning may slightly change in different settings too, for example, at work, home, with friends, or when you are doing a course.

There is an increasing trend in being productive even in your leisure time too now – instead of crashing on your couch and binging on Netflix, maybe you can explore a new hobby (like laser-cutting!).

Did you know, productive people:

– Feel powerful and in control
– Are excited to plan ahead
– Are determined and focused
– Have a sense of achievement and purpose
– Are excited to grow, happy and have more time!

Isn’t this what we always strive for – to be satisfied and content with our daily life?


Now let’s take action and be productive on a creative front.
According to an analysis of 7000 people, conducted by Harvard, super-productive people are really good at these seven things:

1. Setting stretch goals
2. Showing consistency
3. Building their knowledge and expertise
4. Driving for results
5. Anticipating and solving problems
6. Taking initiative
7. Being collaborative

Source: Harvard Business Review

If you are ready to set some new goals and build your own knowledge base, take a look at these tips so you can spend time on activities that truly matter to you. Here’s where to start:

1. Do you have a plan?  A plan can help show you the next steps and help you stay on track – whether it is a weekly, monthly, or annual plan, different goals have different plans. For example, would you build a house without a plan? Do you run a business without a plan? In the same way, a framework to achieve your personal goals can work magic. Remember to think in the long-term too. Set a 12-month plan, break it down into 3-month increments and then start to look at weekly, fortnightly or monthly tasks.

2. Do you have a daily to-do list that works?  To-do lists are an amazing way to multiply your productivity. Categorise your tasks into what needs to be done immediately, can wait or can be done by someone else. Focus on the hardest task first thing in the morning, and then keep the second half of the daylight and easy. It also matters when you do your daily planning. Try spending a few minutes every night to plan for the following day. This way, you can leverage your powerful mornings to check off the more important tasks on the list.

3. Have you included celebrations, rewards and gifts to motivate yourself? – With so much going on in our lives, it is easy to succumb to the routine of setting goals and achieving them. It is important to acknowledge that you have achieved success and that it makes you happy. If this doesn’t call for a celebration, what does?! You can take a break and go on a holiday or treat yourself to a nice dinner. When you celebrate your success, you are adding meaning and value to your life, you will feel happier and, in turn, you’ll generally work better and be more productive.

4. Think about a weekly review and mark your calendar  One day, you could be writing down 10 important goals that matter to you. The next day (or three months later), you might have forgotten about them. Unfortunately, this happens as we set goals – procrastination takes over without your permission, you might get busy or you simply turn your attention to something else. If you don’t want your goals to fade away, the secret is a weekly review where you can check in with yourself and hold yourself accountable to complete your goals.

5. Write everything down – Make your goals extremely specific, for instance, if your goal is to read 4 books a month, go one step further and make a list of which ones. If you want to take it up a notch, make a vision board with your ideas, goals and outcomes. There’s evidence to show writing things down helps you remember them more too. While you also have a plethora of productivity tools and apps available out there, when you pen down your thoughts, you will be more committed to achieving them.

6. Delegation is key – Have you ever thought that you might be under-delegating? Or maybe you are not delegating at all? Delegating equals more time and more time equals more space for you to try something new. Have a look in all areas of your life – maybe you are working a lot, is there a team member who can help you? Or you own a business, is there someone who can share the tasks with you? Or maybe it’s at home where you can delegate, can your family help more? And if not your family, think about the tasks that you don’t enjoy or are taking up your “me-time” or your “creative time” – cleaning, cooking, gardening and so on.

Let’s be creative together this month

In honour of World Productivity Day, I am thrilled to share something new, exciting and inspiring. It’s exclusively for your creative minds and especially for the current climate where you might need to find a few more hours so you can use that time relaxing and relishing in a hobby that makes you happy and takes your mind off everything.

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