DIY home lighting – 4 Simple Steps to create beautiful lighting that saves you hundreds of Dollars

I am writing this blog to help all the DIY home decorators save thousands of dollars in lighting and home decorating by simply doing it themselves with 4 simple steps below. 

You may be asking …. “But how? I don’t know the first thing about making lighting for my home”.

Every great design begins with an even better story…Lorinda Mamo, Designer once said and she could not be more correct.

Have you ever broke a glass light or a special item that just slipped from your hands, smashing onto the floor? or have a similar story. Most people could tell you their experience of how this happened to them as we all have done this once, twice or many times in our life.

While moving a dining room chair across my table one day in a hurry, not planning the move well I accidentally broke my glass bowl on my dining room pendant light, covering the table and floor with small pieces of glass as far as the eye could see. I found my receipt from years before, phoned the store where I purchased this pendant only to find out they didn’t sell the glass bowl alone, I had to spend the couple of hundred dollars and buy the whole pendant again. 

Original light                                                                                     Finished result

As a laser cutter, I looked through my saved lighting templates I keep and found a round light shade that would be a perfect size and shape for the dining room spot. Instead of timber material, I chose clear acrylic and was so impressed with my easy and much cheaper solution, I decided to share my story so you could save money on lighting also. This lighting can be cleaned easily and made of acrylic not glass, it won’t break if knocked. Your friends won’t know it’s not glass. Love it!


The 4 simple steps are:

  1. has a huge laser cut lighting collection so search for laser cut lighting for inspiration. Start a laser lighting folder, pin away and watch the hours disappear because there are so many stunning examples of gorgeous lighting to choose from. I’m always so excited at this designing inspiration stage, a day will disappear without you noticing.
  2. Choose the one you love that will suit the spot in the home you wish to update, whether it is a pendant, lamp or fixed ceiling light. You can also find templates that are already drawn for you in Pinterest, some free and some for a small cost. OR use the FREE LIGHT TEMPLATE at the base of this blog. If you have found a template, skip step 3. 
  3. If you would like to create your lighting shade by designing it yourself or based on an image, the best way is to join an online laser cutting class to learn the software to complete this step. This is not hard and fun to learn this new skill of laser cutting. Azara Collective Training Centre has two Facebook online software training sessions for Adobe Illustrator (Adobe subscription $19/month) or a Free software similar to Illustrator, called Inkscape training. These classes run monthly 2 hrs x 2 sessions just to get you started with the software. Book into these training events on Azara Collection Facebook page. 
  4. After you have finished the training with Azara Collection or you have a template saved in a vector format (.ai, .pdf, .svg, .eps) email Azara Collection your artwork file, with your material choice and we will cut your light or lampshade, post it back to you to assemble and hang. Voila, it’s done! (note: If you need a pendant electrical fittings and bulb, all available from Bunnings)


To download your FREE Template of the light shade, fill in your name and email below.

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