Wedding Cake Toppers History from the late 1800s century

Wedding cakes through history and why yours should be fit for royalty.

Are you planning a wedding this year? or know someone who is? You may be wondering where the tradition of the cake topper came from? Here are some historical facts regarding the traditional wedding cake topper you will find fascinating, as I did.

The beginning of wedding cakes in history was found to be dated back as far as ancient Roman times, but it wasn’t till the 1880s in the Victorian times that cake toppers began to become popular on top of the thick white icing tiered cakes. Made of sugar, the cake toppers of this period featured a couple in their formal wedding attire, arm in arm or standing side by side and often resembled the look of the couple getting married. In the 1900s wax hands clasped together became popular signifying friendship, courtship, love and marriage.

1940-50’s the figurines of couples for wedding cakes were available in porcelain, and with mass production made them easily affordable for the less affluent weddings.

Memorable wedding cake toppers in history

An historically documented wedding in the 1840s was the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Queen Victoria’s confectioner Mr John Mauditt, at Buckingham Palace, made their wedding cake. It was on a vast scale measuring nearly 3m (9ft) in circumference and weighing more than 140kg (about 22 stone).

The cake was decorated with figures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert dressed in ancient Greek costume and iced festoons of entwined orange blossom and sprigs of myrtle. This was just the main cake – smaller cakes were baked so that pieces could be sent to people.

In 1956 was the royal wedding of Prince Rainer III and Grace Kelly of Monaco. The couple’s towering wedding cake was made with an elaborate stand holding six cake tiers and weighed 225 kilograms. A gift from the pastry chefs at Monte Carlo’s Hotel de Paris, the top two tiers held a pair of live turtledoves, which were released during the cutting of the cake. The cake topper featured a crown held up by cherubs.

Today’s cake toppers can be personised to the couple’s interests making their wedding cake an extension of their personality. The material has changed from porcelain to acrylic, acrylic mirror and timbers. Modern machines like a laser cutter can produce affordable personalised toppers offering fast turn-a-rounds.


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